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High-speed WireRod Mill And Spare Parts Bar Mill And Spare Parts

  Hafei Industry Mechanical & Electrical Equipment Manufacturing Company is under Harbin Hafei Industry Co., Ltd. His forerunner is some horizontal factories, which made Aero hydraulic parts、machine-made parts、non-standard equipment、pressure vessel and automobile steering gear, under Harbin Aircraft Industry Group integrated together. It is located at Auto Parts Zone B Pingfang District, Harbin, covering an area of more than 40000 square meters. Now ou... +MORE

Contact way:

General Manager of Sals Company: Gong Linsheng 13359704619

Dupty General Manager of Sals Company: Liu Liang 18604515725

Sales Manager of Northeast area: Ren Yang 13674676684

Sales Manager of Beijing、Tianjing、Tangshan area: Wang Defang 13895707679

Sales Manager of Central Plain area: Yin Weidong 15146290927

Sales Manager of Northwest area:Wang Shenghua 13845180218

Sales Manager of East China area: Zou Guangxin 13703655314

Sales Manager of South China area:Ding Honghai 13633619268

General Manager of Yingkou Branch:Chen Yu 13936497858

Telephone: (86)451-86582813 86582413 86530743

Fax: (86)451-86531588 86502231

E-mail: hafeishichangbu@163.com

Address: Fu15 Youxie Street Pingfang,Harbin

Post: 150066

Visiting route:
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Friend link:Harbin Hafei Industry Co.,Ltd
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